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HELLO, TPAs is an online proposal software built for TPAs who are tired of settling for an outdated proposal. TPAs who demand a proposal software that’s fast and makes them look good. TPAs like you.   

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We're a new kind of proposal software.

Traditionally, TPAs have spent too much time generating proposals. We take sophisticated software and a proprietary process to help you maximize how well your TPA proposal helps you win the opportunities you have to present your services. 

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Our mission is to turn the proposal you have into the one you want.

Give us your Word, Excel, PowerPoint files and our software will do the rest.  Our software allows you to generate a single PDF that looks fantastic and will help you showcase your services and value.  

The Traditional Problem


(Of using TPAproposal)


Just because you don't have a graphic designer on staff does not mean your proposal needs to under-sell your services.  Send proposals with confidence!


Who likes data entry, typing, copying, saving, revising and emailing? Easily create and email proposals from your desktop or mobile device in minutes.  


50% of the time TPAs don’t get to
present. Give Advisors a proposal that helps them effectively convey YOUR value to plan sponsors.

How TPA Proposal Works

HOW TPAproposal Works

What's My Investment?

In the last 90 days, how many plans did you leave on the table simply because you could not attend the sales meeting where decisions are made?  We know your proposal is often the ONLY thing a plan sponsor has to evaluate when selecting a TPA.  Your proposal has to stand out and effectively market YOU in your absence. We want to make sure that the next time you need to rely on a proposal– that you win!     

TPAproposal Pricing Options

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Unlimited Proposals

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"We generate several hundred proposals every year and struggle to deliver them in an efficient, simple and attractive way. Your system eliminates those challenges, and allows me to deliver my value statement, especially on those plans when I am not able to attend the finals presentation. "

Joe Burt
President, Pension Plan Specialists

"Step's strategy continues to evolve with the market... which keeps our story fresh and expands our distribution and sales revenue."

Pat Shelton
Managing Director, Benefit Plans Plus

" TPAproposal is the solution I've been looking for...It saves me time and our proposal looks great. "

Gerald Cathell
President, CRPS

"Just watched a demo of your proposal software…sharp! You need to be hawking that to every TPA on earth…98% NEED it."


Frequently Asked Questions

TPAproposal is is a cloud-based proposal system. Our team designs and programs your proposal for you, allowing you to create proposals in minutes.

Yes, you can use parts of your existing proposal and add in new elements to make it exactly what you need.

You can have as many logins as you need.  You can also restrict what each user sees, or allow each user to see all proposals in the system.

Yes, you can easily view, edit, refresh, and resend any proposal using TPAproposal.

Yes, we can take your existing proposal and set it up on our software.

You can change your proposal at anytime. Maybe you want to add a page on 3(16) services, or you want to take out a page, maybe update your colors or logo.  No problem. Just give us a call and we'll make the changes for you on our end. (A programing fee may apply.)

Yes. TPAproposal works with all the major admin systems.

Yes. Any revenue sharing verbiage, 408(b)2, or any other disclosure you provide will auto-populate based on the recordkeeper or service package you select.

Have Questions About
Your Proposal?

Let's spend 20 min together talking through your questions on what's working and not working with your proposal. There's NO CHARGE and no pressure.  (No pressure means, even if you don't purchase the software, we will share insights, tricks and tips you can put to use to win more deals.)     


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