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More referrals from 401(k) Advisors that sell your value.  

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Standout, more plans, and healthy fees.

Every day I’m getting a request to look at a plan. Every week I’m closing a plan. The plans we close are better plans with better advisors..

" Bill Clifford, Principal, Beacon Benefits

Just landed a plan with 150+ employees using your Positioning Presentation. Got the email with the green light on Friday and paperwork this morning! 

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Time is short. Enjoy a stronger, healthier, more profitable firm. Contact us.



Doing Great, But Tired Of Going It Alone?

TPAroadmap provides 1-on-1 weekly coaching so you can go out and crush the opportunities you have in front of you now.  

TPAs typically:

- Push back low value/fee providers like ADP, Paychex, and bundled solutions   

- Attract/enlarge their network of advisors

- Deliver unique ideas/conversations to their trusted Advisors (Advisors will value)

- Win more (profitable) business

All TPA Roadmap clients receive exclusive, free, access to 401(k) GrabNGo.com, The Advisor Playbook Sprints, as well as many other resources to help you reach your goals for your TPA firm.     

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Training Advisors to sell 401(k) plans?

As a TPA licensee of GNG:

- Enroll up to 500 Advisors

- Advisors you enroll receive monthly training emails, and 24/7 access to the GNG online training library of video training and 401(k) tools.

- Our team schedules, brands, and sends all emails for you keeping your TPA firm visible and more top-of-mind.

- Not available to the TPA competitors in your area (exclusive license) 

As a TPA licensee, 401kGrabNGo.com is web-based 401(k) sales training tool that automates coverage of more Wealth Advisors.  Continue to focus on your top Advisors while cultivating new Top Advisor relationships to grow your firm.  

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"At a fraction of the cost, electronic touchpoints allows us to consistently touch our web of advisors and wholesalers.."

Pat Shelton
Managing Partner, Benefit Plans Plus

"We generate several hundred proposals a year and struggle to deliver them in an efficient, simple and attractive way. Your system eliminates those challenges, and allows me to deliver my value statement.."

Joe Burt
President, Pension Plans Plus

"TPAproposal saves a significant amount of my time.."

Scott Feit
Principal, Prime Pensions, Inc.

"Every day I’m getting a request to look at a plan. Every week I’m closing a plan. The plans we close are better plans with better advisors.."

Bill Clifford
President, BBI

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