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Our Dedicated Strategic Advisor provides TPAs personalized, one-on-one help and insight into what's working and not working so you can engage advisors in a way that drives more in-bound phone calls and proposals

Our goal is simple, since you close +60% of your presentations to plan sponsors, we help you apply proven strategies that generate more opportunities for you to present your services.  

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We help TPAs connect with advisors, increase sales activity and beat the competition.


We Listen

Tell us what's working, not working?  Where do you want to be in 12 months?

We Provide Tools

Clarify your message.  Deliver it using our tested strategies, technologies, and materials.  

Your Sales Activity Goes Up

Advisors see the value you bring to his/her practice and call you with opportunities.  

What Makes TPARoadmap So Different?

When it comes to talking about their businesses, many TPAs are so close to their services they simply default to talking about what they do. They know they need to say something more interesting but they don’t know where to start. The SSM Roadmap helps TPAs tell their story in such a way advisors listen. We've helped dozens of TPAs understand what advisors are listening for, so they know exactly what to say to promote their services and win the business.

""We generate several hundred proposals every year and struggle to deliver them in an efficient, simple and attractive way. Your system eliminates those challenges, and allows me to deliver my value statement, especially on those plans when I am not able to attend the finals presentation.""

Joe Burt
President, Pension Plan Specialists

"Exclusive territories gives my business access to unique approaches and ideas not available to my local competitors!"

Gerald Cathell
President, CRPS

"In our market it costs at least $80-100k a year to retain a business development person. As a small business we don't always have the option to hire. At a fraction of the cost, electronic touchpoints allows us to consistently touch our web of advisors and wholesalers. It's convenient for our referral sources, borderless and cost effective for our business. Step's TPAtouchpoints strategy continues to evolve with the market... which keeps our story fresh and expands our distribution and sales revenue."

Pat Shelton
Managing Director, Benefit Plans Plus

Take Action

Want to spend 20 minutes talking through your questions on what's working and not working in your respective market?  There's NO CHARGE for the phone call.  We will share insights, ideas and actionable steps you can put to use THIS week. 

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What's a TPA Roadmap?

Our TPAroadmap connects the dots between where your TPA business is today and where you want to be.  It maps out turn-by-turn instructions on what to say, the technology you'll need to deliver it, and it provides materials so you can go out and do what you do best: build your network, consult and close business.

What's My Investment?

Did you leave 3 or 4 plans on the table in the last 6 months because you did not do as good a job as you want at staying in touch with your advisors?  How many B, C, D advisors selected the lowest cost TPA because they don't understand the value you bring?  For most TPAs, it adds up to thousands of dollars in lost recurring revenue.    

We find TPAs with +$1M revenue can easily apply the TPAroadmap process and strategies across their advisor network and generate recurring revenue of 2-3 times the cost of TPAroadmap.

We invite you to click on the button above and schedule a call to discuss your specific situation/needs.  


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