Advisors Refer 401(K) Clients To The Last TPA In Their Office...

Do you want to combat this trend and win?  If so, take a look at what other TPAs are doing behind-the-scenes in their business to hold advisors' attention and increase sales activity.

Let's Take A Look !

3 Ways To Help Your TPA Business Compete

TPA Proposal

Does your TPA proposal look bad?

TPAproposal is a web-based software that generates the polished proposal you've always wanted. Beautiful, professional proposals in minutes.

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TPA Touchpoints

Tired of Google searches for content?   

TPAtouchpoints provides exclusive territory-based access to industry resources, carefully chosen for you to share with your advisors all year round.

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TPA Roadmap

Tired of Going it Alone?

TPAroadmap provides personalized 1-on-1 coaching, giving you the step-by-step strategies needed to go out, grow your network of advisors and close business.

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"At a fraction of the cost, electronic touchpoints allows us to consistently touch our web of advisors and wholesalers.."

Pat Shelton
Managing Partner, Benefit Plans Plus

"We generate several hundred proposals a year and struggle to deliver them in an efficient, simple and attractive way. Your system eliminates those challenges, and allows me to deliver my value statement.."

Joe Burt
President, Pension Plans Plus

"TPAproposal saves a significant amount of my time.."

Scott Feit
Principal, Prime Pensions, Inc.

"Every day I’m getting a request to look at a plan. Every week I’m closing a plan. The plans we close are better plans with better advisors.."

Bill Clifford
President, BBI

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