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Gain A Competitive Advantage Over Other TPAs In Your Local Area

An online library of hand-picked content, tools and resources TPAs can share with advisors to stay top-of-mind, add value and generate significant sales activity

(There are 98 exclusive territories, one TPA per territory)

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Access Shareable Content

Enjoy exclusive territory-based access to a hand-picked library of industry resources. Carefully-chosen for you.

Stay in Communication and Top of Mind

Stay in touch with your network of advisors all year round. Share valuable content that is recent and relevant to their individual needs.

Be the One Who Gets The Proposal Request

TPAs who continue to nurture advisor relationships during and after in-person meetings, enjoy an increase in sales activity.

How It Works

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When an advisor asks you for content, simply login, select from 10 categories of hand-picked resources, and share in-person or via email.  

The Top 10 Most Requested Categories of Content

Content for Advisors, from the rookie to the specialist. Simply login, browse, select what you need, and share.  
  • Business Development
  • CE/CPE
  • Fee Analyzers
  • Benchmarking
  • Retirement Plan Studies
  • Practice Management
  • And much more!
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What Makes TPA Touchpoints Different?

After working directly with TPAs for over 12 years, we know what frustrates you the most. You have told us that you need really good content to share with advisors on an ongoing basis. You have also told us custom content is expensive and often requires you to spend additional time re-writing and tweaking to fit your audience, primarily financial advisors. It should not be this complicated, or expensive. So we created TPA Touchpoints. Unlimited access to a library of superior content for an affordable price. Consolidated in one place, no tweaking or re-writing required. Available anytime, anywhere, on any device.

What's My Investment?

How many times have you been in an advisor's office and wished you had FRESH content to share during your in-person meeting? How many times have you been in an advisor's office and been asked, "do you have anything that talks about.."? If you had better content at your finger tips, would nurturing these relationships and staying visible throughout the year be a lot easier? You get the point, a lack of good content may already be costing you more money than the cost of joining TPAtouchpoints.

What You Will Receive Today!


Video Training BONUS: How to group advisors, determine the right frequency, what to ask advisors, and other details that will save you time and keep you from waisting time trying to reinvent the wheel.


Needed Resources List: We get asked for software suggestions for email, video, tracking, and a lot of other details that will keep the busy work off your desk. As a member, you'll receive a list of solutions you can quickly plugin and benefit from.


Coordinated Strategies: Meetings / Phone Calls / Email / LinkedIn / Newsletters


A Community of Like-Minded TPAs: Our group coaching calls will discuss what's working and not working so you have a chance to hear what other TPAs are doing. Not going-it-alone will speed up your results and take the pressure off of you to invent everything yourself.


If TPAtouchpoints is not what you were looking for, just let us know in the first 30 days and we will refund your money. Ready to give it a try?

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